Cooking Recepies - Mangiardivino moonlight 2021

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Cooking Recepies

Chef Fabrizio is highly experienced and will guide you and inspire you on the Italian and Tuscan culinary traditions.
You are free to create your own menu's for the cooking lessons, from a large selection of dishes.
Once you have confirmed your dates, I will send you several proposals to choose from; Respecting the seasonality and freshness of the ingredients, your needs, wishes and skill level. You will certainly find the menu that suits you best.....
Below are listed some of the traditional dishes that you can enjoy during your cooking class made with your own hands:

Hand Made Pasta
·         Ravioli Ricotta and spinach favoured with butter and sage
·         appardelle With   Chianina Meat Sauce  Ragout
·         Fettuccine with duck sauce
·         Ravioli  With Pumpkin & potatoes Served With Truffle Butter
·         Tagliolini with carbonara sauce
·         Taglietelle with Amatrigiana sauce
·         Gundi Served With Truffle Cream
·         Gnocchi Potatoes Dumplings With Tomato Sauce Or Pesto
·         Baked Cannelloni
·         Lasagne with meat or Vegetable
·         Tagliolini  With sea food
·         Porcini mushroom Ravioli
·         Black Tagliatelle with truffle
·         Squid ink Tagliolini
· Rice dishes
·         Risotto With Porcini Mushrooms
·         Risotto granny Landa
·         Risotto with saffron, Peas and melted Robiola cheese
·         Risotto  With Chianti And season  Pecorino Cheese
·         Sea Food Risotto
·         Spelt and legume soup served with caramelize beacon
·         Ribollita
·         Pappa Al  Pomodoro
·         Cacciucco (fish soup)
·         Carbaccia the real onion soup
·         Peposo ….Renaissance Dish Of Tuscan Traditional Made With Beef Cooked In Chianti Wine
·         Pollo alla cacciatora  Hunting Style Sauce
·         Beef Meatballs Florentine Style
·         Chicken  Stuffed  With peppery Sausage served  With Wine Gravy
·         Rosticciana Stufata … Stewed Pork Ribs With Black Olives And Pine Nuts
·         Saltimbocca …Rolls With Beef with Scamorza Cheese And Sage
·         Roll Of Turkey Stuffed
·         Zucchini Stuffed Tuscan Style
·         Tomatoes stuffed with rice and meat ragout
·         Eggplant Parmesan
·         The Real Crispy Pizza
·         Pizza calzone stuffed
·         escalope of chicken with lemon
·         Veal escalope with porcini mushrooms
·         Shoulder of lamb Tuscany style
·         Arista in porchetta  baked with aromatic herbs caramelized with chestnut honey
·         Fagioli all’uccelletta … Typival Tuscany dish with cannellini beans and hand made sausage Salmon In Crust Of Pistachios
·         Baby Octopus Stew
·         Stuffed Squid
·         Crunchy Tiramisu
·         Grandmother cake
·         Vanilla Panna Cotta With seasonal fruit And Chocolate Coulis
·         Castagnaccio …Traditional Cake With Chestnuts flower Served With Pistachios Ice Cream
·         Zuppa Inglese …. delicious spoon dessert   of the Tuscan Renaissance tradition
·         Cantucci Con Vinsanto…Typical Tuscan Biscuits With Almonds Served With Sweet Wine
·         Chocolate Salame
·         Sbriciolona Ricotta And  Chocolate Cake   
·         Apple Strudel
·         And much more
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