F.A.Q. - Mangiardivino moonlight 2021

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General questions
Q: How many participants are accepted on each trip?
A: Normally the participants of the cooking classes must not exceed 8  people, to teach on-hand at best,

Q: if I am a solo traveler, I will have to pay an extra fee for a private apartments at all by myself?
A: usually single travelers' to ensure maximum privacy, we provide assigning a private room with on suit bathroom without to pay any extra fee.

Q: The cooking vacations publicized are all included, or there are  surprises and changes in price just arrived ?
A: Our holidays respect everything that is written in the program, there may be extra cost if the customer decides to have extra services such as, transfer to-from airport, extra tours and meals

Q: How long before it is advisable to book the vacation?
A: As soon as you are sure of the dates it is advisable to book your trip, especially if it is during the high season from May until September,in order to ensure the best apartment and availability.

Q: In what kind of places will we stay? Do they have private bathrooms?
A: Usually With our vacation packages we provide from luxury villa to very well maintain farm house, you will have the possibility to choose, subject to availability. It depends on the program and the number of partecipants. EVERY option has en-suite private bathrooms and use of swimming pole! Price may 'vary

Q: What about museum and medieval festival tickets? Should we buy those in advance?
A: It is advisable to set your tickets in advance, particularly during the hight season and medieval tournaments like Saracino Arezzo and palio di Siena. In many cases we can assist with the purchase of tickets.

Q: What other activities will I enjoy in my holiday?
A: during your holiday, you can choose the type of excursion you want from our shotlist, or you can relax while sipping a glass of good wine by the pool.
if you're feeling super active you can also add extra tours during your vacation

Q: Can I book my class or program over the telephone?
A: Yes , but to confirm the holiday you have to pay a deposit of 30% .

Q: What happens if I decide to cancel my reservation before?
A: will be held the the 30% deposit

Q: What languages are spoken?
A:  our programs can be held in English , Spanish and French

Q: The program in which I am most interested is offered for 5 nights, but I have only 3 or 4 nights. Can I take a shorter version?
A: we have 3 types of holiday cooking, 4 days 3 nights, 5 days 4 nights and 6 days 5 night, but if for any reason you want longer or shorter version of holiday please tell us, we are flexible.
Cookery lessons
Q: If I have a food allergy or diet restrictions can those be accommodated?
A: as you can see from our holiday cooking class you can choose different types of food, if you do not find what is right for you will have to inform us in advance your allergies or preferences   

Q:Can I invite a friend or partner not interested in cooking course?
A: Absolutely yes ! even people not involved in cooking learning, will have fun and  entertainment thanks to the many excursions proposed and the proximity to the city center

Q: we would do practical (hands-on) during our cooking lessons?”
A: Absolutely! All cooking classes are on hand to be able to learn best with the help of a professional chef, possibly with essential tools, avoiding the use of electrical machinery, so that you can play at home what you have learned without having to invest in expencive machinery and tools.

Q: Who will teach in our classes?
A: Italian professional chef Fabrizio Merli with fluent English and good Spanish language manner  

Q: What we will prepare during our lessons?
A: Much depends on the chosen program, usually you will learn to prepare a complete italian full Meenu prfrom appetaiser, hand-made pasta, meat-vegetariaan-fish main course, ending with delicious traditional Italian dessert.
You will learn the origins and nutritional value of each dish, Preparation techniques, all accompanied by wines of excellent quality.

Q:we will eat what we prepare during the cooking lessons??
A: of course, and you will see that will be of excellent quality food that you prepare with your own hands with the aid of a professional chef who will follow you step by step.

Q: which clothing are recommended during the class ?   
A: We will Provide all the necessary tools and apron during your lessons, the only recommendation is to wear comfortable shoes


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