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Tuscany Traditions Proposals

The menus proposed can be modified according to your needs and food allergies
Warranty: all ingredients are guaranteed and organic our own production and trust suppliers, the ingredients and side-dish could change according to the seasonality.

01 Flavors Of Tuscany
(Gourmet menu)
Appetizer: Bruschette varie ( varius Tuscan bruschetta hot and cold )
First Course:  Pici all’aglione ( long pasta with tomato sauce, garlic and basil )
Main course: Tagliata (grilled Chianina beff Cuts with green pepper flavored with aromatized oil solution)
Side dish: rocket salad, cherry tomatoes  -Rosemary roasted potatoes.
Dessert:  Pie with chocolate and pears served on cardamon cream
02 Menu The Tuscan Renaissance
Appetizer: Bruschetta   caprese with buffalo mozzarella
First Course:  Ribollita (traditional thick soup with vegetables and legumes)
Main course:  Peposo Toscano.. Peposo is a historic Tuscan dish, chianina beef cooked with chianti wine and aromatic herbs
Side dish: potatoes and black truffle flan & salad
Dessert:  zuppa inglese (spoon dessert of Renaissance tradition with Archemens liquor and two types of chocolate and orange custard)
03 Menu Granny Landa
Appetizer:  Tuscany croutons (hot and cold)
First Course:  Pappardelle al ragu di chianina ( Pappardelle pasta  with chianina beff ragout)
Main course: Uccelletti scappati della Iolanda (Skewers Of Beef, sausage, lion Flavored With Sage And Cheese Marzolino)
Side dish:  mixed salad - potatoes roasted with rosemary and garlic
Dessert:  Torta della nonna ( grandmother cake with lemon custard and pine nuts)
04 Menu Mamma Irma
Appetizer: Caprese di ManguiarDivino                                                                        
First Course:  Ravioli con erbe  e ricotta al profumo di salvia (ravioli with wild herbs and buffalo ricotta flavoured with sage and clarified butter)
Main course: Tuscan roast beef with rosemary and juniper
Side dish: Spinach sautéed and cheese potatoes purea
Dessert: M
ouse di cioccolato (chocolate mousse with crunchy Aamaretto)
05 Menu Mon Amour
Appetizer: prosciutto e melone  (Tuscan Pratomagno ham and melon)
First Course:  Gnocchetti con crema al gorgonzola e noci ( Gnocchi with creamy gorgonzola and and walnut )
Main course:  Vitel Tonne  (rost beef flavoured with cloves served with cappers & tuna white  cream)
Side dish:  cauliflower flan and sprouts salad
La Mattonella  (ice cream fiordilatte patty served with melting chocolate and toasted pine nuts)
06 Flavors Of Tuscany (Gourmet menu)
Appetizer: Antipasto Toscano (Typical mix Tuscany antipasto bruschetta, cold cut, cheese and much more…)
First Course:  Risotto with porcini mushroom
Main course:   Filetto alla toscana ( Pork tenderloin  filet  wrapped with Tuscan bacon, aromatic herbs and mustard served with vernaccia wine gravy )
Side dish: Roast potatoes and Borrettane onions glazed
Dessert: Crunchy Tiramisu flavoured with rum
07 Flavors Of Tuscany
Typical cheeses served with flavored jams
First Course:
Rigatoni alla Norma rivisitati (sauce with eggplant and seasoned ricotta)
Main course: Tagliata di pollo al vin santo (chicken breast sliced, flavored with sage, served with sweet wine reduction)
Side dish: sweet peppers sautéed and valerian salad
Rice cake flavored with rum served with lemon cream
08 Flavors Of Tuscany
Appetizer: Pansanella ( Tuscan bread salad with tomato, cucumber, celery, red onions & basil)
First Course: Fettuccini con Sugo alla Contadina  (Tagliatelle with mushroom ragout)
Main course:  
Arista In Porchetta  ( Baked pork loin with wild   fennel flowers Caramelized With   Chestnut Honey)
Side dish: sasonal side dish
Dessert: Chocco profitterol
09 Flavors Of Tuscany  (Gourmet menu)
Appetizer:  dry beef carpaccio served with arugola and parmesan flaks
First Course:  ravioli di patate al tartufo  (potato ravioli with truffles fondue)
Main course: Ossobuco  alla fiorentina (braised veal Florentine stile)
Side dish: seasonal side dish
Dessert: Vanilla Panna cotta with Seasonal fruit and chocolate coulis
10 Flavors Of Tuscany  
Appetiser: Mixed Tuscany crotons
Starter : Farmer soup ( Spelt and legumes soup  seasoned with crispy bacon)
Main course:  Turkey Rolle           
Side dish: seasonal side dish  
fruit patties served with lemon cream

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